Thursday, 6 February 2020

The Courses at The Best Beauty Education School in Chicago You Should Know About

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a reputed Beauty School in Chicago is accredited by NACCAS and AACS. The two popular courses that this school offers are Cosmetology and Esthetics. While Cosmetology deals with the transformation of the outer appearance with the help of hairstyling, waxing, and makeup, Esthetics is more of a medical-type branch that deals with skincare from not only the outside but from within as well.

The subjects that these courses cover include the following:

Cosmetology: The Cosmetology course from the John Amico School of Hair Design is a complete and a comprehensive course where a person obtains the overall knowledge and training of salon services. The subjects under this course are:

  • Hairdressing, hair treatments, shampooing, conditioning, cutting, thinning, chemical treatments, hair attachments, coloring, highlighting, waving and Marcel.
  • Basics of makeup with all the techniques for foundation, base, highlighting, airbrush makeup, etc.
  • An Introduction to Esthetics with training in basic facials, massage, brow arching, and anatomy.
  • Safety and Shop Management with Interpersonal Skills, such as personal grooming and hygiene, emergency first aid, the study of the Sanitary Regulations for Beauty Culture Shops; labor law, and marketing.
  • Basic training of tools and their use, sanitation and hygiene, skin diseases and conditions, anatomy and physiology.
  • Nail Technology with nail care and nail art.
Esthetics: The Esthetics Program from the John Amico School of Hair Design is one of the best Facial training courses in Chicago as it gives the in-depth knowledge of the biology of the skin and advanced skincare solutions. The subjects under this course are:
  • History of skincare, personal hygiene, and public health, professional ethics, and sterilization, introduction to skin analysis, skincare, and facial treatments.
  • Cells, metabolism and body systems, bacteriology, physiology and histology of the skin, human anatomy, chemistry and disorders of the skin and special esthetics procedures.
  • Non-therapeutic massage, nutrition, and health of skin, skin analysis, facial treatments, hair removal methods, professional makeup techniques, and product knowledge.
  • Business Practices, Illinois Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology Act and
Rules Management, OSHA standards relating to chemical use.

Hopefully this clarifies any doubts and makes it easier for you to choose your favorite course to build your new career upon. Visit the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics and kickstart your career. Text ‘BEAUTY’ to (708)631.2521 now for more information. 

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Looking for a Nail School nearby to pursue a career in beauty industry

Even though using nail polish has been in trend for as long as we have known the fashion industry, nail technology is a relatively new field in the beauty industry which had gained popularity only a few decades ago. Before that, people were more likely to wear nail polish that matched their dress. But today, it has become a whole subject of study on its own and has attracted many aspiring students of the beauty industry.

If you are also planning to make a career in this field or even if you are an established professional and want to upgrade your skillset, then you must find a good Nail School near you to make sure that you spend your hard-earned money on the best training.

The nail tech programs offered by the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics are comprehensive programs consisting of many subjects that are connected to this subject, like the physiology and anatomy of the body, skin cell biology, skin and cuticle care, mani-pedi with massages, product knowledge and application, nail art methods and techniques, and last but not least, business education so that the students understand salon ownership concepts and become capable of setting up their own spa.

This course also helps teach students about effective client engagement and client retention.
It doesn’t matter whether you are an aspiring beautician or already a well-established professional. If you have the resolve in your mind to ‘find a great nail school near me’ and upgrade your skillset for a better brighter career ahead, then look no further. Plan your visit to the campus now. Text ‘NAILS’ to (708)631-2521 for more info.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Choose the best Cosmetology School near you for a better brighter future

A cosmetologist has the very important job of enhancing the looks of any person to make them look flawless and more attractive. Be it using makeup and hair products or even by waxing the hair off the body, the cosmetologists are basically the fairy godmothers (and -fathers) who transform the plain-looking beauty into a stunning goddess, and the same applies for the male stylists as well.

If you’re thinking about becoming a cosmetologist who is behind the enchanting looks, then you’ll need to get the proper training to do it just right. Now you must be thinking, “Is there any good Cosmetology School near me?”

You’re in good luck if you live near Oak Forest, IL as one of the very best beauty schools is located very close to the Windy City. The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a cosmetology school founded and run by the well-known and respected celebrity stylist, Mr. John Amico, who also has his own extensive line of professional haircare products as well.

You can enroll in a complete 1500 hours cosmetology program that teaches you hair styling, hair treatments, safety and shop management, interpersonal skills, the basics of Esthetics and facials, basic training of various tools and their use, as well as the biology of the skin and hair, sanitation and hygiene, Nail Technology, and more in elective subjects.

Now that you’ve found the best place to start building your successful career, you won’t have to google ‘Beauty School near me’ anymore. Just call 708-687-7800 and drop in for a campus visit.

Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Searching Hair school near you? Your rewarding career could be closer than you think

Hair trends are ever-changing, and their intuitive nature makes it quite exciting for non-professional people to follow. However, for those who are professionally equipped to predict, understand, and execute the latest styles, it brings a great opportunity to take their careers to new heights. Only the most highly trained professionals can follow the trends and are able to satisfy their clients with their skills.

If you are an aspiring hair designer in Chicago and asking everyone “Which hair school near me can train me to be skilled in hair design trends?” then John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is the perfect school for you.

At the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics, the emphasis is laid upon teaching, practicing, and perfecting the techniques that can help you give any shape and style to your customer. The training of basic techniques like cutting, trimming, and coloring are complemented with advanced techniques like keratin treatments, sew-ins, braiding, hair extensions, and glue-ins, etc. All these techniques are taught and demonstrated well with the capable instructors and the students are given to practice these skills on the mannequins from the very first day. Students are taught how to expertly deal with all hair, including ethnic and natural.

Later, the now competent students are given work and refine their skills at the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics spa. For those who seek the best services at very least cost, the school spa is a great place, and for the students it is the perfect rite of passage from the life of a student to that of a professional, after which, they can pass the licensing exam, get their licenses, and work in this dynamic industry.

People seek help from the professionals, when wanting a specific look, and the need for hair services is a worldwide need, making it a never-ending, recession-free job, and all that starts from your first search of “Hair school near me.”

Take a tour of John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics and take your first big step towards a rewarding career.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Get super-affordable Spa Services in IL at John Amico School Salon and Spa

Beauty schools these days have taken their education and training so seriously that they have found a way to offer their students, real clients, to work on even before they graduate. This has become possible by opening school salons and spas that offer high quality services, but performed by students, which makes it easy on the pocket. This is common in the beauty schools of Chicago. These school spas provide some of the best Spa Services in IL, so much so that some people exclusively search ‘Hair school near me’ to find good quality spa services and save a huge number of bucks.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics Spa and Salon is one of the most respected beauty schools in Chicago, where you can get all the basic and advanced spa and salon services at a great price point. From simple to complex facials and microdermabrasion, haircuts, color and keratin treatments, nail treatments and artistry, massages, and additional services, there are a huge range of salon and spa services are available here. The best part is that these all are high-quality services that are performed by the students who are being expertly trained to become top industry professionals.

With mindful and expert instructors, the walk-in clients are sure to get good services from the students of the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics, who are destined to be top professionals. Some have even gone on to become celebrity stylists on shows such as ‘Shameless’ and ‘Chicago Fire’ and even for Kanye West Church Services.

Come to John Amico School Salon and Spa and receive some of the best Spa Services in IL.

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Choose the reputed Skin Care Training School for a lucrative career ahead

The holiday season is starting, which means it’s time for a lot of make-up and lot less time to take care of the skin. People go to salons and spas for skin-care treatment and to prep their skin for the holidays, making it a good time for the professionals working in this industry. Holiday season or otherwise, skincare professionals are always in demand, making it a great line of career to pursue.

To get proper professional training in skincare, it is highly recommended to pursue a course from a respectable Skin Care Training School. A good beauty school will not only hone your skills but will also, give you proper certification and training to obtain your license to work as a professional in the state.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a reputed beauty school that offers various programs for the training of aspiring students of any age who wish to become successful skincare professionals. To ensure that they are trained well, the facility and the faculty are given the utmost importance. The facility is comprised of state-of-the-art infrastructure that includes instruction rooms, the latest equipment, and an established spa for practice. The faculty is also hired after rigorous rounds of interviews to ensure the best instructors for the students.

The curriculum designed for the students is also directed towards providing salon ready graduates to the industry who are well equipped with the skills, practice, and experience with services, as well as the knowledge and business acumen for this industry to order to bring in and retain the clients.

Plan your visit to the campus and enroll in this reputed Skin Care Training School.
Text ‘BEAUTY’ to 708.631.2521

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Choose Accredited Beauty School in IL for dependable Skin Care Training

Becoming a skin care professionals can change your life for the good. Not only is it a steady income career with no significant seasonal dips, but it is also a recession-free industry, offering employment throughout the year. Your job can’t get shipped overseas. However, to become a skilled professional in this field, you’ll need to get trained at a good Beauty school in Illinois.

The Skin Care Training School that has a good reputation for enabling the students with all the
necessary skills and the knowledge of the latest techniques can make a lot of difference when you are trying to start your career as a beauty professional. The school that has accreditation from renowned authorities makes the best choice for reliable certification and high-quality beauty education.

If you live in Chicago or nearby, then the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics could be just the place for you. It is accredited and affiliated from various associations like AACS – American Association of Cosmetology Schools, Dermalogica® Skin Care, Illinois Association of Cosmetology Schools, International SPA Association, and the National Accreditation Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) and offers top quality beauty education to its students.

In its curriculum, it ensures the latest methods of teaching and hands-on training from the very the first day and takes skincare training a step further by including business education, attending creative exhibits and beauty shows that help in boosting confidence, networking with the pros of the industry and shaping the personality of young professionals.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics also helps students prepare for their state licensing exams so they can start their careers right out of school.

Plan your visit to this amazing Beauty School in IL and jumpstart your career in this field.
Text ‘BEAUTY’ to 708.631.2521 for more info!

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Study at best Cosmetology School in IL to become a celebrity stylist

Making people look good is a passion of many and some have a knack to using beauty products in a way that highlights the beautiful features of the person. But natural talent alone cannot give you an opportunity to do clients' makeover. To make a career in this field, you will need a legitimate cosmetology degree or diploma course from a reputed Cosmetology School.

John Amico School of Hair Design and School of esthetics is a popular Cosmetology School in IL that offers various cosmetology programs so that you can build a fruitful career on the foundation of professional training in this field. John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a certified Cosmetology training School in IL that offers 12 months training in cosmetology. In this course, the aspiring students are trained for various skills like hair sculpting & design, developing professional hair color with different applications, men’s barbering, keratin straightening systems and sew-in/braiding.

After the completion of training, you will have the knowledge and skill to offer an array of products and services. And who knows, in a few months, you could be standing in a trendy salon helping clients look fantastic.

With many alumni engaged in this profession successfully, John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics has proved that it is the best Cosmetology School in IL for the ambitious students.

Your dream to become the next celebrity stylist could actually come true, visit the school website to know more.    

Cosmetology School is high on search not in between

Monday, 28 October 2019

Pursue Makeup training courses in IL to become a successful beauty professional

They say its beauty that captures your attention and the personality wins your heart. Before you win someone’s heart, it is important that you make a good first impression by looks. With the boom in the entertainment and fashion industries, people have become more conscious and want to look like actors and models for occasions like family functions, corporate retreats, prom and other celebrations with friends.

Owing to this, the demand for professional make-up artists has risen like never before, making it a great career option to choose for a bright professional future. Beauty schools offer makeup training courses that offer aspirants a platform to learn various makeup skills.
Among the most sought after Makeup training courses in IL, the Esthetics course at John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is an extensive course covering the basics as well as the advanced techniques in the course so that the students get to learn different makeup styles for various events.
At John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics, the students get to learn facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, and contours and highlights, with an added focus on eyes and lips. Along with this, the students also get to learn skincare, hot and cold waxing specialist, body wrapping, body treatment specialist, and medi-spa in this course.
Pursuing Makeup training course at John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics does not only prepares you to do the make-up, but it also gives you the training to become a complete beauty professional.
So, plan your visit and check out the details.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Build The Foundation of a Lucrative Career at the Best Beauty School Near You

The beauty industry is an ever-growing business where new techniques and treatments are always being developed. With more being offered, the demand for skilled beautician or cosmetologist has increased, making more students interested in pursuing this as a career option. Taking a professional course in beauty from a beauty school will provide you a successful platform in the beauty industry. 

Now you must be wondering, “How do I find a good Beauty School near me!”

You don’t need to be in the dilemma anymore, all you need to do is go online to John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics website and select your favourite course. 

John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics offers the following courses:
·         Cosmetology School: The cosmetology curriculum contains the hair care, hair cutting, hair coloring, braiding, men’s cutting, styling and spa services. Ought to be completed in 11 months, it is the most comprehensive program here.

·         Esthetician Medi-spa: The 7 months Esthetician course trains the students in various skin care options, like skin care, hot and cold waxing, body wrapping, body treatment, medi-spa aesthetics, and make-up artistry.

·         Nail School: Nail technology course helps you learn the nuances of nail care and nail art. With the training of various designer manicures, you can really bring out your creative side for nail art.

·         Make up School: By learning basic as well as advanced techniques of make-up, you can really make a huge difference in someone’s looks. Learn how to do it at John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics.

·         Men’s Hair Cutting and Styling: Men’s hair cutting and styling is a growing trend and this course helps you become an active contributor in men’s beard designing and hair styling.

·         Cosmetology Teacher Education: This course offers training to those who aspire to become the teachers in the branch of cosmetology, helping them become great cosmetology instructors.

All programs meet licensure requirements and qualify the students to sit for licensure exam in the state of Illinois. At John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics, Mr. John Amico himself teaches and prepares the students for licensure exams.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop googling “Beauty School near me and start your career as a beauty professional with a great foundation of professional training.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Become Salon Ready Graduates in John Amico’s Hair Design Training School

Having a good haircut that suits personality is an efficient way to express oneself and making sure what suits the best is something that only a professional can help with, making it a good career option to consider. To become an expert in this field, you need to find a great hair design training school, where you can learn which type of hair design suits on different types of personalities.

That much-sought-after precision and perfection can only be attained through extensive professional training. Among the most advanced hair design training schools in America, John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is giving some of the best hairstylists to the beauty industry.

John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics’ hair design course is planned to familiarize you with the basics and learn hair cutting, coloring and Keratin straightening skills, as well as help you develop a knack of emerging styles in the fashion and entertainment industries, which are not only its biggest consumers, but also the global trendsetters.

In this course, the students are educated with the theory, demo, and practical of the nuances of hair designing to prepare the students for the real world. To add to the exposure of the students, top stylists from all over the world are invited by John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics to interact with students at the student exhibitions and beauty shows. This becomes possible because of the great networking of Mr. John Amico who has been an award-winning celebrity stylist himself. 

Enroll now and join the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics family for a rewarding career!

The Courses at The Best Beauty Education School in Chicago You Should Know About

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a reputed Beauty School in Chicago is accredited by NACCAS and AACS. The ...