Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Get Trained at The Best Hair Design Training School For a Successful Career in Hair Styling

What do you want to become when you grow up? This question has been asked many people in childhood. But not all are very clear about their goals in life. Moreover, we have been answering this question since we started going to school and it keeps on changing. Also, we have an awareness of only a few career options, which we think we have to pick from. But what is needed is thinking out of the box and following what fascinates us the most.

If you don't get over your habit of tugging and teasing your hair until it is perfect then probably you have a knack of hairstyling that could turn into a successful and rewarding career. All that you need to do is develop and polish your hairstyling skills at a professional Hair Design Training SchoolJohn Amico School of Hair Design is a well-known beauty school owned by the celebrated stylist Mr. John Amico, who has translated his dream of providing high-quality hair design training and education to common people so that one day they can also realize their dream of becoming a celebrity stylist.

John Amico School of Hair Design not only covers the academic contents and practical training but also develops the knowledge of recognizing and predicting the latest and upcoming hairstyle trends. However, the most important part of this course is to develop the skills with which they can create new styles using their talent and imagination. The creativity and hard-work are also recognized and rewarded at John Amico School of Hair Design, hence, making it one of the most preferred Hair Design Training School for the students and aspirants.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Get a Prosperous And Successful Career With Makeup Training Courses at John Amico School of Hair Design, IL

In today's world where everybody wants to look good and try the latest fashion and style, beauty professionals around the world look for new make-up and style trends that would dominate the fashion industry, and also those which will not hold any significance. The entertainment industry is the first to experiment with the latest trend, and the general public, being the fans of the celebrities, follows them.

It is imperative to understand the fundamentals of make-up and beautification if one wants to try and follow the latest beauty trends. Also, to do something creative, the advanced MUD course gives professional skills needed for building a successful career. Out of the Makeup training courses in ILthe one offered by John Amico School of Hair Design is very famous and preferred by those who aspire to become a successful professional in this field.

John Amico School of Hair Design offers a complete course in MUD training that includes all features of the make-up plan and the set of instructions makes it an interesting study. Apart from the essential academic part that includes reading and understanding the concepts behind makeup according to the skin and various combinations, the curriculum at Amico School also includes the practical training and practice sessions along with the display of creativity in different shows such as Chicago that brings the students directly in contact with the experts of the industry, giving them the boost of exposure and networking, which in turn becomes a real help when they go out in the real world as professionals.

So, join John Amico School of Hair Design, and become the next celebrity make-up artist..!

Friday, 19 June 2020

Choose The Best Cosmetology Training School in IL to Become a Celebrity Stylist

Some people are passionate about making other people look good and beautiful. Some people use beauty products to highlight the beautiful features of the person. But natural talent alone cannot make you a renowned stylist when getting an opportunity to do clients' makeover. To make a successful career in this field, you need a valid cosmetology degree or diploma course from a reputed cosmetology training school.

John Amico School of Hair Design and School of esthetics is a well-known Cosmetology Training School in IL that offers many cosmetology programs to build a fruitful career on the foundation of professional training in this field. John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a certified Cosmetology training School in IL that offers a 12 months training in cosmetology. In this program, students are trained on various skills such as hair sculpting & design, developing professional hair color with different applications, men’s barbering, keratin straightening systems, and sew-in/braiding.

Once you complete the training, you will have the knowledge and skill to offer an array of products and services. And if everything goes as planned, in a few months, you could be standing in a trendy salon helping clients look fantastic.

With many alumni engaged in this profession successfully, John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics has proved that it is the best Cosmetology Training School in IL for ambitious students.

Your dream to become the next celebrity stylist could actually come true, visit the school website to know more.    

Friday, 5 June 2020

Do You Like Hairstyling? Make It a Full Time Profession by Getting Trained at Top Hair Styling Schools Near You!

Making someone look stunning with different hairstyles is fun and exciting thing. Some people pursue it as a hobby. However, your hobby can turn out to be a great career option if you think in the right way. So, for those who have a knack in hairstyling, can enroll in beauty schools to get trained and acquire some more skills. But finding a good school near you is not an easy task.

If you too want to become a hairstylist, then you must be searching for a good ‘Hair school near me. Some of the top hair designing schools in IL are offering different courses that include various types of hair related treatments and styling training.

John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a renowned beauty school that offers exceptional training programs that cover all the major hair care, treatments and styling. The typical program at John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics includes the following parts in its curriculum:
  • Academic classes: The theory classes are important to learn the basics of hair designing before you try your hand at the delicate art of hair designing.
  • Demo sessions: Demonstration of different services is carried out by skilled faculty who also teach the nuances of hair designing and styling to the students.
  • Practice: Hands-on experience is the key to achieve perfection in any skill. Hence, keeping this in mind, students are given to start practicing on mannequins from day 1.
  • Experience: To improve the familiarity with the real clients, students are allowed to style the hair of the clients coming in John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics Spa under the guidance of their teachers.
  • Basic Business Education: Regular business classes are organized for the students to learn client handling, client retention and set up the business.
The complete curriculum enables students to become salon ready as soon as they are out of the school, which is what makes it special.

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Enroll in Facial Training Courses in Chicago And Welcome a Rewarding Career

We all love to have a bright and shining face, free from marks and dark spots but many of us don’t get sufficient time to take care of our face. Therefore, the best option we have is to take help from professionals. Also, from a career point of view, this is why it is a great choice to become a beauty expert. To become an expert in this field, you need to enroll in Facial Training Courses in Chicago land, where you can learn which types of skin need what types of treatment.
Precision and perfection can only be achieved through extensive professional training. Among the well-known beauty schools in Chicago, the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics stands out as producing many of the beauty industry’s best face experts.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics’ hair design course is planned to familiarize you with the basics and learn hair cutting, coloring and Keratin straightening skills, as well as help you develop a knack of learning the emerging styles in the fashion and entertainment industries, which are not only its biggest consumers, but also global trendsetters.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics’ Facial training course is designed to familiarize you with the basics and advanced facial techniques. In this course, the students are educated with the theory, demo, and practice of the nuances of a facial to prepare the students for the real world. Adding to the great exposure for the students, top Estheticians from all over the world are invited by the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics to interact with students at the student exhibitions and beauty shows. This becomes possible because of the great networking of Mr. John Amico who has been an award-winning celebrity stylist himself.

Enroll now and join the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics family for a rewarding career! Virtual tours are available! Text ‘TOUR’ to 708.631.2521 now!

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Build a Successful Career in Cosmetology at John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics

Most of us must have watched the beauty makeover shows on TV and thought we could also do these makeovers. By pursuing a program from a reputed Cosmetology School in Chicago you can acquire such skills and make people look good. Cosmetology does not just mean makeup- in fact, it includes cutting and hairstyling, nail technology, skincare, mani-pedi, waxing, facials, and extractions.

A Cosmetology career is very fulfilling for those who want to pursue it without fail. But to accomplish that, you must complete the accredited cosmetology program approved by your respective state. After your training completion, you can find an ideal job for yourself. And one day you can also become an award-winning celebrity stylist like John Amico.

John Amico is a well-known name in the styling world, and he is sharing his passion for this industry by forwarding his experience and expertise to the coming generations in the form of cosmetology education.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is one of the most preferred Celebrity stylist cosmetology schools. The school offers personalized training from start to finish so that the students get maximum impetus to set their eyes, hands, heart, and head on the goal.
The cosmetology program at the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a multi-pronged educational program in which different aspects of cosmetology are covered at each level. The best thing about studying at the John Amico School is that throughout the course, students get to learn the latest American and European styles through demo sessions and hands-on experience simultaneously.

Plan your visit to the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics and choose it as your most significant rite of passage leading to a successful career in cosmetology. For a Virtual Tour, text ‘TOUR’ to 708.631.2521 now!

Thursday, 9 April 2020

Pursue advanced Facial training courses in Chicago for a sustainable career.

The beauty industry demands dexterity which can be achieved only when the esthetician training has been proper and complete. Many facial training courses are available in Chicago which offer excellent education and training in this field, thus help the students to develop the required skills to create a successful career in this industry. The beauty schools are making even more efforts to ensure the high standards of education and latest training methodology in training the students.

The esthetician course from an AACS and NACCAS accredited Beauty education school in Chicago can help the aspirants to learn all that is required to build a stable career in this field. The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is one of the most highly reputed schools that offer advanced and extensive education in this field.

The esthetic course in here includes the following topics in its curriculum:

1. Basic Training: History of skin care, personal hygiene and public health, sterilization,
introduction to skin analysis, skin care and facial treatments are taught.

2. Scientific Concepts: The students are educated about cell metabolism, bacteriology, physiology and histology of the skin, human anatomy, chemistry and disorders of the skin and special esthetics procedures.

3. Practices and Procedures: The students are trained to perform nontherapeutic massages,
cleansing the skin, mask therapy and facial treatments with and without the aid of machines,
hair removal by different methods, and makeup.

4. Business Practices: Act and Rules related to beauty industry, client Management and retention, and OSHA standards relating to chemical use are taught.

This 750-hour course ensures that the students are salon ready when they graduate from the school. For more information, text ‘SKINCARE’ to 708.631.2521.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Medi-Spa Aesthetician training

Many new students as well as professional cosmetologists aspire to become a Medi-Spa Esthetician Training. There are many aspirants who have started their careers as cosmetologists and want to switch to this more lucrative line of career. Whether you are a fresh high school graduate or an established cosmetologist, it is a great idea to get a proper medi-spa esthetician training from a reputed beauty school.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a NACCAS and AACS accredited the school that offers high-quality education in the esthetician course. The Medi-spa training needs to incorporate the medical aspects of the skincare and technology, which requires highly trained faculty to impart education.

The Esthetics the course includes the following subjects with great importance to the biological
and medical aspects of skincare technology:

Basic Training
Scientific Concepts
Practices and Procedures
Business Practices

If you want something broader than just skincare, you can pursue cosmetology training which offers a wide variety of topics like hair care/designing, nail technology course, and MUD Studio courses instead of just the esthetics course, These courses focus more upon the outer makeup and appearance of the client, giving them a complete makeover in one sitting. While estheticians take care of the same client or same problem in multiple sittings, you can see the instant result of your work by pursuing these artistic courses, but it totally depends upon the area of your interest.

Plan your visit to the campus, and enroll in the Esthetics or Cosmetology course at John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics for the rewarding career ahead. Text ‘INFO’ to 708.631.2521.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Enroll in a good Beauty school IL and develop skills to become a Nail Technician

It’s the dream of many to become a Nail Technician, for which the aspirants try to choose the best Beauty School in IL that can give them the training and diploma required. Some also seek to get help with licensing exams and placement, but what does it really take to become a successful Nail Technician? It’s not only the best schools but also the skills acquired by the students that make a lot of difference. One student of the same class becomes the celebrity stylist, while the others could be working for a regular salon.

The highest quality Nail Technician Programs in Illinois focus on developing these skills in their students to ensure that they are well-equipped to cater to the requests of their clients.
The following skills are required to make you a successful Nail Technician:

Trendspotting: The first and foremost requirement is to see when a trend comes up and
evaluate whether it is going to be a hit or a miss. Intuitiveness helps a lot with this.

Precision: Since the nails are very small, precision in every dot, line, or figure holds high

Concentration: With a concentrated mind, you can do wonders in nail art and nail care.
Creativity: Bringing something new into the market is what the fashion, entertainment, and
beauty industries call for, so creativity is a must.

Steady hands: Shaky nail art could turn into a horrible nail design, and mani-padi would also not
give clients the relaxation they seek from a gentle but firm massage.

Communication Skills and Reliability: These soft skills play a very important role in inviting,
satisfying, and retaining clients. A little knowledge share can go a long way with the client.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a respected Beauty school that offers one of the best Nail Technician Programs in Illinois. Text ‘INFO’ to 708.631.2521.

Thursday, 6 February 2020

The Courses at The Best Beauty Education School in Chicago You Should Know About

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a reputed Beauty School in Chicago is accredited by NACCAS and AACS. The two popular courses that this school offers are Cosmetology and Esthetics. While Cosmetology deals with the transformation of the outer appearance with the help of hairstyling, waxing, and makeup, Esthetics is more of a medical-type branch that deals with skincare from not only the outside but from within as well.

The subjects that these courses cover include the following:

Cosmetology: The Cosmetology course from the John Amico School of Hair Design is a complete and a comprehensive course where a person obtains the overall knowledge and training of salon services. The subjects under this course are:

  • Hairdressing, hair treatments, shampooing, conditioning, cutting, thinning, chemical treatments, hair attachments, coloring, highlighting, waving and Marcel.
  • Basics of makeup with all the techniques for foundation, base, highlighting, airbrush makeup, etc.
  • An Introduction to Esthetics with training in basic facials, massage, brow arching, and anatomy.
  • Safety and Shop Management with Interpersonal Skills, such as personal grooming and hygiene, emergency first aid, the study of the Sanitary Regulations for Beauty Culture Shops; labor law, and marketing.
  • Basic training of tools and their use, sanitation and hygiene, skin diseases and conditions, anatomy and physiology.
  • Nail Technology with nail care and nail art.
Esthetics: The Esthetics Program from the John Amico School of Hair Design is one of the best Facial training courses in Chicago as it gives the in-depth knowledge of the biology of the skin and advanced skincare solutions. The subjects under this course are:
  • History of skincare, personal hygiene, and public health, professional ethics, and sterilization, introduction to skin analysis, skincare, and facial treatments.
  • Cells, metabolism and body systems, bacteriology, physiology and histology of the skin, human anatomy, chemistry and disorders of the skin and special esthetics procedures.
  • Non-therapeutic massage, nutrition, and health of skin, skin analysis, facial treatments, hair removal methods, professional makeup techniques, and product knowledge.
  • Business Practices, Illinois Barber, Cosmetology, Esthetics, and Nail Technology Act and
Rules Management, OSHA standards relating to chemical use.

Hopefully this clarifies any doubts and makes it easier for you to choose your favorite course to build your new career upon. Visit the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics and kickstart your career. Text ‘BEAUTY’ to (708)631.2521 now for more information. 

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Looking for a Nail School nearby to pursue a career in beauty industry

Even though using nail polish has been in trend for as long as we have known the fashion industry, nail technology is a relatively new field in the beauty industry which had gained popularity only a few decades ago. Before that, people were more likely to wear nail polish that matched their dress. But today, it has become a whole subject of study on its own and has attracted many aspiring students of the beauty industry.

If you are also planning to make a career in this field or even if you are an established professional and want to upgrade your skillset, then you must find a good Nail School near you to make sure that you spend your hard-earned money on the best training.

The nail tech programs offered by the John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics are comprehensive programs consisting of many subjects that are connected to this subject, like the physiology and anatomy of the body, skin cell biology, skin and cuticle care, mani-pedi with massages, product knowledge and application, nail art methods and techniques, and last but not least, business education so that the students understand salon ownership concepts and become capable of setting up their own spa.

This course also helps teach students about effective client engagement and client retention.
It doesn’t matter whether you are an aspiring beautician or already a well-established professional. If you have the resolve in your mind to ‘find a great nail school near me’ and upgrade your skillset for a better brighter career ahead, then look no further. Plan your visit to the campus now. Text ‘NAILS’ to (708)631-2521 for more info.

Get Trained at The Best Hair Design Training School For a Successful Career in Hair Styling

What do you want to become when you grow up? This question has been asked many people in childhood. But not all are very clear about thei...