Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Barbering Schools in Chicago IL

Barbering and hair styling is one of the most creative jobs in the whole world. With an unlimited area of work and endless number of possibilities, it gives a niche to the professionals who choose to make their career in this field. From the simplicity of a razor cut to the complexity of a textured quiff to elegance and charm of a pompadour, hair styling comes with infinite designs and creative styles. To make a fruitful career in this amazing industry, it is important to learn the art of hair cutting and styling professionally. The John Amico School of Hair Design is one of the best Barbering Schools in Chicago IL that offers comprehensive training as well as hands on experience for the aspiring stylists who want to make their career in this field.

Founded and run by celebrity stylist Mr. John Amico himself, the John Amico School of Hair Design offers a dedicated course in Men’s Hair Cutting and Styling for the students to learn the nuances in this field. The course entails an academic syllabus that discusses the types of hair and cutting techniques in theory, a practical curriculum that requires the students to learn and practice the hair styles in simulation. Then comes the most interesting part of the training- the exhibition and showcasing of the work in front of the pros of the industry. In between, special business classes are held by Mr. John Amico for the entire student body for the purpose of learning and developing business skills so that the student’s professional career gets the boost of having business acumen. This well-rounded approach in setting up the student for their career in hair styling, John Amico School of Hair Design has gained a reputation as one of the most advanced Barbering Schools in Chicago IL.

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Bringing Relaxation and Rejuvenation to Our Esteemed Clients at John Amico School of Hair Design


This is one of our Esthetic Students Chea Scott who is sharing her experience in our John Amico School of Hair Design and John Amico School of Esthetics.
Like most of us I have scheduled beauty appoints every other week. This week happen to fall on my Bi-weekly facial. After so many years of having a facial with my regular esthetician I am still excited to see her. As I lay on the bed and we began catching up with our lives. I realized that my esthetician is more than a professional beauty consultant she’s a trusted friend and a point of relaxation after a long work week. So, I started to wonder what kind of training our trusted beauty consultants must complete to provide their much-needed skills.

Few professionals know and understand the human body better than licensed estheticians. Estheticians, like doctors and nurses, are licensed to touch people. Whether they give a facial, massage, provide a skin care treatment or apply makeup. They have the privilege of bringing relaxation, well-being and personal enhancement to others. Think about it, after an appointment with your hair stylist, nail technician or esthetician you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, excited and giddy. They always take care of that shoulder that have the most tension or the ache in your hands after a long day of typing. Your hair stylist with the magic fingers, they seem to know the right spot and pressure to wash away our daily life challenges.
As a licensed professional nail artist and future entrepreneur of the nail business 
The reason why you have that feeling of euphoria because our beauty experts are required to know and learn the muscles, nerves, circulatory system and the bones of the face, head, neck and hands. Imagine that, learning all this in less than 2 years! Amazing! Beauty experts must know how to stimulate the muscles and what movements will provide the best results. Have you ever wondered why your esthetician review your basic health? It’s because certain procedures cannot be performed without causing a health risk to the client. Imagine learning all this and balancing friendship, professionalism, relaxing environment and creating a masterpiece all at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I tip my hat to all the beauty professionals out there doing their thing. I appreciate you being a counselor, friend, medical alert (they can’t not diagnose however they can recommended medical attention) beauty advisor and my go to person when I need a pick me up!

If you do not have a regular nail tech, hair stylist or esthetician I suggest you schedule an appointment with your local Beauty School like John Amico School of Hair Design, who knows, your next best friend is just a phone call away.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

The History of Esthetics

Most of us believe esthetics as an industry developed in the last century to help us look our best. However, the practice of esthetics been around since Ancient Egypt. Most of us are familiar with the movies Ben- Hur, Spartacus, Mummy, The Scorpion King, and the classic Ten Commandment. Have you noticed the women and men were well groomed and wore make-up and their hair was beautifully done with colorful stones? in almost every scene someone was bathing in warm bath oils or receiving a facial before a big battle.  It’s clear that Egypt was the leader in esthetics as well as other neighboring countries.  Let’s talk about some of the early beliefs and how it compares to today’s esthetics.

Exposure to Top Artists
For Egyptians, grooming was deeply entrenched in both legend and religion. The use of incense, baths, perfumes and cosmetics was thought to purify the self, which in turn would lead to a balanced universe. Does this sound familiar? After a visit to your local spa, salon or nail shop you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and balanced. Your universe is in order.

Did you know that early hair removal was practiced for centuries by the Roman men?  In 454 B.C the Roman male began shaving his facial hair and head believing the concept of hairless skin made them more sensual and cleaner and attractive to potential mates. This concept is true today. Think about it, when you see a man fresh from the barber shop; he’s much more attractive and approachable.

Early Spa began in Ancient Greece; Greeks enjoyed a variety of baths, from hot water tubs to hot-air sweat baths. Most of the tubs were accompanied with a sports center or a gymnasium. Much like the gyms today. It was proposed that the cause of all diseases lay in an imbalanced of the bodily fluids. It was advised that bathing, perspiration, walking, and massages would help balance the body. Again, think about it? Most of us seek the first opportunity to soak in a hot tub after a vigorous workout at the gym. Or receive a facial during that well-deserved vacation.

Today Esthetics is an important part of the beauty industry. Esthetician offer a variety of services available at your local spa or schools like John Amico School of Hair Design and Skin Care, from facials, face peels, Microdermabrasion’s, make-up application, skin care treatments and relaxation. So, what are you waiting for, schedule your appointment today. Aren’t you worth it!

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Monday, 1 October 2018

Get ready to build a Fruitful Career in Cosmetology with the John Amico School of Hair Design

This is the time, when summer ends, that you find yourself in the dilemma of making the choice of either rolling your sleeves up and doing the general studies in college, or following your passion. Well, if your passion is to make people more beautiful with the art of beauty and make up, then you can have the best of both worlds. You can go to a cosmetology school for a few months and then start working in a spa or salon. Right now, you should be asking yourself, “Which is the most cutting-edge Cosmetology School near me? You are in good luck if you live in or near Illinois, because the John Amico School of Hair Design brings you an amazing opportunity to build an awesome career in the field of Cosmetology.

 Cosmetology Training
Studying at John Amico School of Hair Design, cosmetology students can earn the following cosmetology certifications:
        Color – By learning how to formulate, develop and apply professional color.
        Men’s Barbering – By learning how to do Men’s haircuts, beard grooming, and clipper cuts, line-ups, and fades.
        Hair Sculpting & Design – By learning specialty haircutting and design techniques for women
        Keratin – By learning how to apply the Keratin straightening systems and different formulas for it.
        Sew-In/Braiding – By learning various braiding patterns for Hair Extensions.

So stop googling Beauty School near me, and start filling your application to the best beauty school in the whole country, become a part of the John Amico School of Hair Design, and enjoy the perks of being in the recession free industry, forever...


Sunday, 2 September 2018

Build a Successful Career in Cosmetology with John Amico School of Hair Design

Have you ever thought about building a career in Cosmetology, but didn’t know where to get the best training for it? If yes, then you must know that there is a school which gives you the education and thorough training right in your area. Upon successful completion, you receive your  certificate and relevant license to practice as a professional cosmetologist. John Amico School of Hair Design and Cosmetology offers every student the extraordinary knowledge, training and confidence-building that is required to succeed in the profession of cosmetology.

Throughout the entire program of training, special emphasis is given on special salon services like hair cutting, coloring and styling, medi-spa, facial, massages, and nail technology, along with strategies, like client service and retention, target marketing, as well as PR and business skills which makes it the best Cosmetology School in IL. Under the outstanding leadership of Mr. John Amico, who is a famous celebrity stylist, you will receive the training that the John Amico School of Hair Design provides to students that prepares them for celebrity level styling.

Some of the hair styling skills that cosmetology students learn include:
• The techniques to develop and formulate professional shades along with touch ups, lowlights, highlights, balayage, etc.
• Haircutting design techniques for men and women.
• The process of applying keratin straightening systems for generally all types of hair along with various formulas.

Also, if you are a Cosmetologist who wants to pursue their career as a educator, then you can attend the,  cosmetology teacher training in Chicago, which endows them with the knowledge and wisdom  for training aspiring cosmetology students. This is also a way you can bring your career to great heights. It’s no wonder that the John Amico School of Hair Design has gained so much popularity in the U.S..

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A Renowned Skin Care Training School in Illinois – Crafting the Paths for Healthy Aging with a focus for Looking More Youthful

Understanding the spirit of senior citizens to look great, John Amico Sr. is transforming the looks and crafting the ways of healthy aging at John Amico School of Hair Design. Seriously concerned with the looks and appearances, he says ‘If you look good, you feel better. It’s all a state of mind. The better you look, the younger you feel. It’s as simple as that”. Being in the cosmetology business for 58 years, he has established John Amico as a highly popular brand name in the beauty industry. John Amico Sr. has always proceeded with his mission to make the people feel good about themselves.

That is why he regularly conducts a senior citizen program at John Amico School of Hair Design. Senior citizens are provided with a discount of flat 50% on their first visit. This program also entitles the senior citizens to receive a senior citizen card which makes them able to receive 20% off in mid between Tuesday to Thursday. 

Skin Care Training School In Illinois

 For those who are 80+, there is a Super Seniors Club, providing 50% discount on all the beauty services from Tuesday to Thursday. Getting ahead with the growing age, Super Senior Golden Group is for 90 years old and older ones to receive all the services for free.

This skin care training school in Illinois is successfully training the students in delivering excellent services. These students provide great haircut and skin care services to the senior citizens and baby boomers and assist them in getting the younger appearances. Transforming hairstyles and rejuvenating skins for years, John Amico School of Hair Design is committed to helping their clients in looking their best, with a reduced rate. The compassion and respect for the seniors get reflected through these excellent services at this skin care training school in Illinois.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Seek Career-Oriented Benefits with an Accredited Esthetician School in Illinois

Getting enrolled in an accredited esthetician school, you are all set to learn the top-rated methodologies and practices of the beauty and skin care industry. Dedicated learning under the expert guidance of a popular celebrity stylist helps you to train for the demanding career options.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the trend of hiring estheticians for beauty and skincare service is going to stay high in the coming years. Throughout the United States, the prediction is of at least 13% increase in the demands of estheticians between 2016 and 2026. Whether you are graduating from high school or trying to switch your current profession to an in-demand and recession-proof industry, getting enrolled at an esthetician school is the best option for you. Making your choice with a celebrity stylist owned esthetician school, you are going to take the best decisive decision to avail the rewarding career opportunities for you. 

John Amico, the famous celebrity stylist is running his esthetician school, John Amico School of Hair Design; where he is successfully producing future ready professionals to prove their potentials in the beauty industry. Learning esthetician course from this school, you have the wide range of options before you to serve the individuals, baby boomers, celebrities, models and so on. Aging baby boomers are actively hiring estheticians to opt for the non-invasive treatment to maintain the youthfulness of their skin. You would be practicing with the wide range of beauty techniques such as steaming, waxing, extraction, chemical peels, pore cleansing and so on; along with earning a higher level of income.

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Thursday, 19 April 2018

John Amico's Special Weekend Kids Expo – Great Time with Beautiful Families

We had the pleasure of attending the Kids Expo that was held at the Roma Sports Club in Frankfort on Saturday and Sunday, along with several other companies and vendors offering specials and promotions to the families attending the expo! Students of our Makeup training courses IL painted over 100 kids faces with awesome face painting designs! We met so many families that came to our booth to enter our raffle to win over $5,000 in hair care services! They were able to choose to receive luxury spa services such as European Facials, Hot Stone Treatments, Microdermabrasions and Chemical Peels at our Beauty Education School IL .

They could also chose to have their hair colored or receive flat iron styles, Keratin Treatments or Manicures and Pedicures. We received over 200 entries and the winners will be announced this week! We also raffled off a beautiful basket of Professional John Amico Hair Care products and styling tools! The kids received entries too! They were able to win Face Paint Kits and Coloring Books! Our JA monkey “MOJO” was there to take pics with all the kids! They loved him! We met families that came all the way from Minnesota as well as local families. It was so much fun to be part of the Frankfort Community and to meet so many wonderful families!

Friday, 23 March 2018

Your Discipline, Dedication & Effort Defines Your Ultimate Goals

Discipline is an indispensable part of life. Without perfect routine setting, we cannot achieve the desired goal for our career pursuit. Long-term determination, discipline, continuous effort and goal-oriented focus are some of the key objectives which are essential for success. Success is not obtained overnight. It has to be earned in installments with continuous dedication, discipline and efforts. Communicating such a motivational spirit, John Amico is guiding the students in learning the professional education and encouraging them to maintain a perfect attendance on the weekly basis. Every week, John Amico along with his staffs visits classrooms and perform an attendance rally.

On the occasion, he distributes awards to those students who have maintained the perfect attendance for the week. Rewards are in form of John Amico's products such as shampoos, conditioners, gels, volumizers, hand creams and many more. These products are manufactured by John Amico in the United States and in Europe. The main focus of attendance rally at John Amico's beauty education school in IL  is to motivate the students to maintain the perfect weekly attendance at Level One and Level Two of initial training program i.e. 10 weeks in total.

John Amico suggests students to not only wait for the results of long-term goals. Rather than, he teaches students to break down the long-term goal in 40 to 80 weekly goals and put efforts on the individual weeks. With such a process, he is presenting the easier process to step up the ladder and reach the end goal with perfection. Steps towards reaching the goal at this Celebrity Stylist cosmetology school include learning hairstyling, haircutting, hair coloring, braiding and finally finishing the hours for graduation and get ready for hair design Cosmetology Licensing.

Students attending the John Amico School of Hair Design for 10 to 20 months are advised to maintain a discipline for classroom attendance in order to achieve the goal of establishing a great career in the beauty industry. They need to stay focused on their daily and weekly goals in order to attain the gradual perfection. John Amico teaches students to learn every little thing in order to materialize the big things at his beauty education school in IL.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

John Amico School of Hair Design - Imparting Beauty Education for Lucrative Career Opportunities

With the growing modernization and the ongoing trends, fashionistas are now looking to avail professional services pertaining to cosmetology, skin care, beauty and makeup. Establishing a professional career in these domains is the lucrative opportunity to earn a good income while serving, sharing knowledge and expertise with others. Understanding these scenarios, John Amico School of Hair Design as a leading beauty education school in IL is delivering the quality education in Illinois. With a sole motto of producing quality cosmetologists to serve the beauty industry, this school is offering professional courses in their Cosmetology School, Esthetics School, Nail School, Barbering School and Makeup School

Under the guidance of John Amico who is a renowned celebrity stylist, this beauty education school Illinois is training students to accept the latest challenges and learn modern advancements in hair design, skin care, nails and barbering. Mr. Amico himself teaches the classes and shares his knowledge and expertise with the students. Preparing students for all the essential salon services, techniques and business strategies required for a successful career in the evergreen industry of beauty and cosmetology, he is adding quality ingredients to produce smart professionals. Besides training students for all the technicalities, John Amico School of Hair Design also prepares students to pass state licensure examination. As license obtaining is a prerequisite before a trained student starts his practicing. A well-acknowledged destination for students to start dream career in the ever-demanding beauty industry, John Amico School of Hair Design is transforming lives of several aspiring students with unprecedented training and education. John Amico School has one of the most affordable Cosmetology School tuition.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

John Amico School of Hair Design

John has operating over 425 salons and schools for 50 years. Celebrity Stylists, Salon owners and successful stylists have graduated his cosmetology Schools and Beauty Schools for over 50 years.For more info log into : https://www.johnamicoschoolofhairdesign.com/

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Enroll in Facial Training Courses in Chicago And Welcome a Rewarding Career

We all love to have a bright and shining face, free from marks and dark spots but many of us don’t get sufficient time to take care of ou...