Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Barbering Schools in Chicago IL

Barbering and hair styling is one of the most creative jobs in the whole world. With an unlimited area of work and endless number of possibilities, it gives a niche to the professionals who choose to make their career in this field. From the simplicity of a razor cut to the complexity of a textured quiff to elegance and charm of a pompadour, hair styling comes with infinite designs and creative styles. To make a fruitful career in this amazing industry, it is important to learn the art of hair cutting and styling professionally. The John Amico School of Hair Design is one of the best Barbering Schools in Chicago IL that offers comprehensive training as well as hands on experience for the aspiring stylists who want to make their career in this field.

Founded and run by celebrity stylist Mr. John Amico himself, the John Amico School of Hair Design offers a dedicated course in Men’s Hair Cutting and Styling for the students to learn the nuances in this field. The course entails an academic syllabus that discusses the types of hair and cutting techniques in theory, a practical curriculum that requires the students to learn and practice the hair styles in simulation. Then comes the most interesting part of the training- the exhibition and showcasing of the work in front of the pros of the industry. In between, special business classes are held by Mr. John Amico for the entire student body for the purpose of learning and developing business skills so that the student’s professional career gets the boost of having business acumen. This well-rounded approach in setting up the student for their career in hair styling, John Amico School of Hair Design has gained a reputation as one of the most advanced Barbering Schools in Chicago IL.

Link: https://www.johnamicoschoolofhairdesign.com/#tell-more-about-john-amico

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