Wednesday, 4 July 2018

A Renowned Skin Care Training School in Illinois – Crafting the Paths for Healthy Aging with a focus for Looking More Youthful

Understanding the spirit of senior citizens to look great, John Amico Sr. is transforming the looks and crafting the ways of healthy aging at John Amico School of Hair Design. Seriously concerned with the looks and appearances, he says ‘If you look good, you feel better. It’s all a state of mind. The better you look, the younger you feel. It’s as simple as that”. Being in the cosmetology business for 58 years, he has established John Amico as a highly popular brand name in the beauty industry. John Amico Sr. has always proceeded with his mission to make the people feel good about themselves.

That is why he regularly conducts a senior citizen program at John Amico School of Hair Design. Senior citizens are provided with a discount of flat 50% on their first visit. This program also entitles the senior citizens to receive a senior citizen card which makes them able to receive 20% off in mid between Tuesday to Thursday. 

Skin Care Training School In Illinois

 For those who are 80+, there is a Super Seniors Club, providing 50% discount on all the beauty services from Tuesday to Thursday. Getting ahead with the growing age, Super Senior Golden Group is for 90 years old and older ones to receive all the services for free.

This skin care training school in Illinois is successfully training the students in delivering excellent services. These students provide great haircut and skin care services to the senior citizens and baby boomers and assist them in getting the younger appearances. Transforming hairstyles and rejuvenating skins for years, John Amico School of Hair Design is committed to helping their clients in looking their best, with a reduced rate. The compassion and respect for the seniors get reflected through these excellent services at this skin care training school in Illinois.

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