Friday, 23 March 2018

Your Discipline, Dedication & Effort Defines Your Ultimate Goals

Discipline is an indispensable part of life. Without perfect routine setting, we cannot achieve the desired goal for our career pursuit. Long-term determination, discipline, continuous effort and goal-oriented focus are some of the key objectives which are essential for success. Success is not obtained overnight. It has to be earned in installments with continuous dedication, discipline and efforts. Communicating such a motivational spirit, John Amico is guiding the students in learning the professional education and encouraging them to maintain a perfect attendance on the weekly basis. Every week, John Amico along with his staffs visits classrooms and perform an attendance rally.

On the occasion, he distributes awards to those students who have maintained the perfect attendance for the week. Rewards are in form of John Amico's products such as shampoos, conditioners, gels, volumizers, hand creams and many more. These products are manufactured by John Amico in the United States and in Europe. The main focus of attendance rally at John Amico's beauty education school in IL  is to motivate the students to maintain the perfect weekly attendance at Level One and Level Two of initial training program i.e. 10 weeks in total.

John Amico suggests students to not only wait for the results of long-term goals. Rather than, he teaches students to break down the long-term goal in 40 to 80 weekly goals and put efforts on the individual weeks. With such a process, he is presenting the easier process to step up the ladder and reach the end goal with perfection. Steps towards reaching the goal at this Celebrity Stylist cosmetology school include learning hairstyling, haircutting, hair coloring, braiding and finally finishing the hours for graduation and get ready for hair design Cosmetology Licensing.

Students attending the John Amico School of Hair Design for 10 to 20 months are advised to maintain a discipline for classroom attendance in order to achieve the goal of establishing a great career in the beauty industry. They need to stay focused on their daily and weekly goals in order to attain the gradual perfection. John Amico teaches students to learn every little thing in order to materialize the big things at his beauty education school in IL.

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

John Amico School of Hair Design - Imparting Beauty Education for Lucrative Career Opportunities

With the growing modernization and the ongoing trends, fashionistas are now looking to avail professional services pertaining to cosmetology, skin care, beauty and makeup. Establishing a professional career in these domains is the lucrative opportunity to earn a good income while serving, sharing knowledge and expertise with others. Understanding these scenarios, John Amico School of Hair Design as a leading beauty education school in IL is delivering the quality education in Illinois. With a sole motto of producing quality cosmetologists to serve the beauty industry, this school is offering professional courses in their Cosmetology School, Esthetics School, Nail School, Barbering School and Makeup School

Under the guidance of John Amico who is a renowned celebrity stylist, this beauty education school Illinois is training students to accept the latest challenges and learn modern advancements in hair design, skin care, nails and barbering. Mr. Amico himself teaches the classes and shares his knowledge and expertise with the students. Preparing students for all the essential salon services, techniques and business strategies required for a successful career in the evergreen industry of beauty and cosmetology, he is adding quality ingredients to produce smart professionals. Besides training students for all the technicalities, John Amico School of Hair Design also prepares students to pass state licensure examination. As license obtaining is a prerequisite before a trained student starts his practicing. A well-acknowledged destination for students to start dream career in the ever-demanding beauty industry, John Amico School of Hair Design is transforming lives of several aspiring students with unprecedented training and education. John Amico School has one of the most affordable Cosmetology School tuition.

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