Sunday, 18 November 2018

Bringing Relaxation and Rejuvenation to Our Esteemed Clients at John Amico School of Hair Design


This is one of our Esthetic Students Chea Scott who is sharing her experience in our John Amico School of Hair Design and John Amico School of Esthetics.
Like most of us I have scheduled beauty appoints every other week. This week happen to fall on my Bi-weekly facial. After so many years of having a facial with my regular esthetician I am still excited to see her. As I lay on the bed and we began catching up with our lives. I realized that my esthetician is more than a professional beauty consultant she’s a trusted friend and a point of relaxation after a long work week. So, I started to wonder what kind of training our trusted beauty consultants must complete to provide their much-needed skills.

Few professionals know and understand the human body better than licensed estheticians. Estheticians, like doctors and nurses, are licensed to touch people. Whether they give a facial, massage, provide a skin care treatment or apply makeup. They have the privilege of bringing relaxation, well-being and personal enhancement to others. Think about it, after an appointment with your hair stylist, nail technician or esthetician you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, excited and giddy. They always take care of that shoulder that have the most tension or the ache in your hands after a long day of typing. Your hair stylist with the magic fingers, they seem to know the right spot and pressure to wash away our daily life challenges.
As a licensed professional nail artist and future entrepreneur of the nail business 
The reason why you have that feeling of euphoria because our beauty experts are required to know and learn the muscles, nerves, circulatory system and the bones of the face, head, neck and hands. Imagine that, learning all this in less than 2 years! Amazing! Beauty experts must know how to stimulate the muscles and what movements will provide the best results. Have you ever wondered why your esthetician review your basic health? It’s because certain procedures cannot be performed without causing a health risk to the client. Imagine learning all this and balancing friendship, professionalism, relaxing environment and creating a masterpiece all at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I tip my hat to all the beauty professionals out there doing their thing. I appreciate you being a counselor, friend, medical alert (they can’t not diagnose however they can recommended medical attention) beauty advisor and my go to person when I need a pick me up!

If you do not have a regular nail tech, hair stylist or esthetician I suggest you schedule an appointment with your local Beauty School like John Amico School of Hair Design, who knows, your next best friend is just a phone call away.

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